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thermoinstruments is a leading Manufacturer of RTD in hosur , Pune, India, and offers other products and services. thermoinstruments provide chemical, petrochemical, refining, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries with standard and specialized design options.

RTD Manufacturers in India understand that RTDs are more accurate and replicate longer than other sensors such as Thermocouples or Bi-metal Thermometers. thermoinstruments helps its vendors in the following:

1. Industrial RTDS
Our RTD's are supplied with a multitude of styles and materials to meet industrial applications' demands.

2. Reliatemp RTD
Our waterless RTD incorporates free lifetime moisture and excellent vibration resistance.

3. Fixed Field Fields
The recommended field RTD for the system goes up to 500 ° F with a temperature coefficient of 0.00385, offering excellent vibration resistance.

4. Probes with a fixed input
RTD with dual terminal equipment is used for routing attachments, terminal blockheads, transmitters, and single finished equipment to provide a robust water connection to the process. thermoinstruments manufacturers of RTD in hosur, Pune, India, ensures that one complete balance, facing lead cables to connect the router, junction boxes, connecting heads via terminal block or transmitter.

We are dedicated to our comprehensive quality control system that enables us to be one of the best RTD Manufacturers in hosur India flourishing in the RTD sensor industry.

What is RTD? How does it work?

RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is a temperature sensor widely used for temperature measurement applications. It consists of resistance, insulated copper wires which are made by platinum.

Top Benefits and fetaures of RTD:

Suitable for low temperature applications
Most accurate and stable
Large element tolerance
Available in both Simplex and duplex versions
Temperature range
2/3/4 wire configurations
Huge integrity construction
Wide operating range
Less drift


We supply an extensive range of RTD to worldwide industries such as automobile, pharmaceutical, electronics, steel, cement etc.

Thermo Instruments is one of the trusted brand of thermo couple , RTD, cable,thermowell,connector,heat exchanger compretion fittings,manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in Butibori, Maharashtra, india We offer a wide range of RTD in various specifications PT 100,PT500,PT1000,with fulfill customer’s satisfaction and needs. Owing to its quality and features, we are popular in the markets. The premium quality raw materials are used for it.