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T Type Thermocouple

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Type T Thermocouple (Copper/Constantan): The Type T is a very stable thermocouple and is often used in extremely low temperature applications such as cryogenics or ultra low freezers. It is found in other laboratory environments as well. The type T has excellent repeatability between –380F to 392F (–200C to 200C).

Type T Temperature Range:
  • Thermocouple grade wire, -454 to 700F (-270 to 370C)
  • Extension wire, 32 to 392F (0 to 200C)
Type T Accuracy (whichever is greater):
  • Standard: +/- 1.0C or +/- .75%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 0.5C or 0.4%

Type T thermocouple is the best thermocouple to measure low temperature. It is very stable thermocouple and is used in extremely low temperature applications such as cryogenics or ultra low freezers. It consist of positive leg made of an Copper wire and negative leg made of Constantan (Cu & Cu-Ni) alloy wire.

In T Type thermocouple copper has a lot higher warm conductivity than the amalgams which are by and large utilized in thermocouple development. In T Type thermocouple just copper wire contacts the tests. As we probably are aware the two conductors are non-attractive, there is no Curie point because of which there is no quick change in attributes of the thermocouple. Type T thermocouples have an affectability of around 43 µV/°C.


In Type T thermocouple positive leg is composed of Copper and negative leg consist of mixture of 55% Copper and 45% Nickel which is known as constantan alloy

Type T Insulation Material:-

In T Type Thermocouple mainly MgO insulation is used. Due to many desirable characteristics of MgO such as fast response, compact size, broad temperature range, formability, weld ability, durability, accuracy, thermal shock and vibration resistance makes it an excellent choice for virtually all laboratory or process applications. The standard MgO insulation consist of ANSI/ASTM standard limits of error conductor material and standard (96%) pure insulation.

MgO Insulation provide initial calibration tolerances for thermocouple at the temperature range of 0 to 750 °C. Its standard tolerance is +2.2°C or +0.75% which best suits for these thermocouple.